East Herts Golf ClubAt East Herts Golf Club we take great pride in maintaining the standards of a traditional members’ club – whilst embracing a modern, friendly ethos for the community within. This community welcomes men and ladies of all ages and abilities.

On completion of the application form, you will be invited to an interview at the Club.

Membership Application Form


Applications from prospective members for all categories of membership are available.

The following subscription rates apply for the year commencing 1st April 2020.

Subscription Rates

Category Subscription Joining Fee
7 Day £1,490.00 N/A
Executive, Gold £3,000.00 N/A
Executive, Silver £2,000.00 N/A
6 Day £1260.00 N/A
5 Day £1075.00 N/A
Cadet, aged 18-23  FULL apply for waiting list £315.00 N/A
Cadet, aged 24-26 £595.00 N/A
Cadet, aged 27-29 £875.00 N/A
Junior, aged to 11 £55.00 N/A
Junior, 12-15 £115.00 N/A
Junior, 16-18 £175.00 N/A
Social £100.00 N/A
Social Golf   £275 N/A

Please contact the General Manager on 01920 821978 option 3 to discuss our various payment options.